About Us


Quadrata is a team of professionals specialized in IT services, tackling challenges of Enterprise customers in the fields of telco, finance, manufacturing and broadcasting for over 10 years in Italy and all over Europe.

We offer support, training and consulting about opensource softwares such as Zabbix, Rundeck and more.

Our passion and will to grow led us to a long path in which we reached from a well-known European company to the heart of middle-east countries.

We extended our services in Dubai because Dubai is the city of innovations!

Our solutions focus on optimizing business processes and managing every technical trouble, with the aim to reduce time and costs, and in the end increase productivity of our customers’ business.

Taking advantage from a long experience and great passion of its team, Quadrata is the best partner to manage your infrastructure. 

“We believe that technology should not be the limit in an ever changing world, rather the core of new and continuous opportunities”



Improve today, save for the future

It is essential to get the right support in order to develop Enterprise strategies and processes. Quadrata team can support your business with the best Solution Architects available. Understand the environment in which your business operates it’s the first step to success. It’s important to plan an adequate strategy to push ahead.


Refined implementations, zero time wastage

Identify your business needs it’s the first step only. Without well documented action plans it’s impossible to bring a project to fruition. Quadrata adopts high quality development tools, to ensure that every advancing step in your activity is planned and controlled.


Support and valorize, monitor and keep up­to­date

Our Solution Architects work to push ahead your Enterprise expansion schedule exactly as planned. This includes maintenance and compatibility check with third party software and hardware.